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Hello! I have a Bachelor Degree from Boston University, with a pre-med concentration and majored in Psychology. I am a CSCS National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, and AFAA Aerobics and Fitness of America Association Group Fitness Instructor.

I was a nationally competitive gymnast, and have spent several years working with children on the fundamentals of gymnastics and how it pertains to every day life. Focusing on strength, agility, flexibility and mind-body (neuromuscular) control. My expertise ranges from helping children who are overweight get into good habits and proper nutrition, as well as working with children of all shapes and sizes to live a healthy lifestyle.

I spent several years competing in Fitness Competitions, including Women’s Tri-Fitness World Challenge, Fitness America and Fitness Universe. I have experience training others on how to prepare for these very demanding shows, by teaching them the proper way to diet and exercise to sculpt and lean out.  I also have lots of experience with Cross-Fit, Kickboxing, and Boxing Workouts. I can work with anyone who wants to learn proper techniques for Olympic Weight-lifting and Strength and Conditioning Workouts too.

In general, my clientele ranges from children to the elderly. I do a lot of corrective exercise and functional training work that is beneficial to all. My basis of knowledge is very wide, including cancer victims and survivors who I’ve worked with through their radiation and chemotherapy treatments and helped to maintain their health, strength and stamina.

For the average joe just wanting to get a good total body workout, you’ve found yourself the right person. I design programs for each individual person and make sure to help you achieve YOUR GOALS. With proper nutrition counseling, manual stretching techniques and the right exercise routine you will no doubt get where YOU want to be!

My circuit training classes are as follows:
Monday 530 pm
Tues 3 pm
Wed 1030, 530 pm
Thurs. 8 am
Friday. 130 pm
Sat. 1030 am
Sun. 11 am