willie2With more than ten years of experience, Willie Thomas is a versatile trainer who challenges his clients on many planes of fitness to achieve their success. This once aspiring professional athlete is committed to training athletes and individuals of all ages to be the best they can. As a record holder and World Champion Men’s Obstacle Course Challenge (MOCC) competitor, Willie’s triumph over personal injury has only made him more determined and dedicated to helping others overcome their obstacles and exceed their fitness goals. Becoming a Fitness Model Champion has also allowed Willie to further expand his reach into the fitness community, as well as his love and knowledge of the industry.

“During my undergraduate years in college I evaluated, treated and assisted in the rehabilitation of numerous sports related injuries. I have enjoyed training professional, semiprofessional, and elite amateur athletes in various sports, such as, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming and tennis. With over 7 years experience teaching abs & stretch, children’s fitness, speed & agility and boot camp style group exercise classes, my experience has provided me with the pleasure of helping individuals to increase proficiency in all walks of life; from adolescents to the elderly.