Matt, Coach + right hand man

  • Enjoys pedicures 

  • Believes the only Oreo worth eating should be double stuffed

  • Most humble trainer. Ever.

After a successful collegiate football career, Matt returned to train with Adam + Kelli. He holds a Masters Degree, along with his recent completion of Yoga Teacher Training. His workouts are always intense and fun, and he is sure to put a smile on your face and muscles in your biceps.

Check out  Matt for a class or book a personal training session.

c. (941)400-2761

e. matt@jacoboxing.com


Kelli Jaco

Owner + Founder of 5712 | BODY

  • Collegiate All American Swimmer

  • Collector of Ab Muscles

  • Red Bull Sponsored Consumer


When Kelli and Adam met in 2009, together they expanded their fitness brand with the expansion of Jaco Boxing and opening of SOUL Yoga. She is relentless in her dedication to others, helping them find a balanced lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.  In 2018 Kelli developed Look Better Naked and continues to help others do just that.

Check out Kelli for a class or book a personal training session.

c. (941)586-2355

e. kellijaco@jacoboxing.com

gregg 1_edited.jpg

Gregg McLeod

Trainer + Resident Brit​

  • Green Beret, who served with the British + American Special Forces.

  • Loves to push his limits - the darker the challenge, the more appealing It is.

  • You can find him dressed in all kinds of costumes, running marathons around the world.

The newest addition to the Jaco family, Gregg is definitely going to get the most out of you! If you are willing to give 100%, he will take you there. "Most people don't know what they're capable of...I love It when then do something they thought impossible."

Check out Gregg for a class or book a personal training session.

c. (941)993-9432

e. Gregg.mcleod@gmail.com


Gigi, Coach

  • Day 1 Belieber

  • Anything boys can do, she can do better.

  • Former collegiate volleyballer and pro wakeboarder

Gigi is known for her bubble personality and living life to the fullest. Her passion for helping others improve their lives is evident in her infectious personality. Through fitness and nutrition, you can bet she will leave you feeling better than when you walked in!

Check out Gigi for a class or book a personal training session.

c. (352)317.8617

e. gigimeyerfit@gmail.com


Drew​, Teacher + bomb mittman

c. (941)809-6984